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          1. R&D Institute Structure

          Foton Lovol R&D Institute of Engineering Technology consists of  Shandong R&D Center, Tianjin R&D Center, Europe R&D Center and Japan R&D Center, 


          2.Brief Introduction

          Founded in 1998, Foton Lovol R&D Institute of Engineering Technology took its name in 2006. By end of 2011, the institute boasts nearly 1,400 personnel of various fields of R&D, amongst whom over 300 mid-level and senior experts.  By 2011, the company has set up high-end R&D facilities in Europe and  Japan for global market, and that in Shandong and Tianjin for China market.


          3. Standards & IPRs

          Foton Lovol has achieved breakthrough in terms of numerous core technologies in the industry. In addition, it has more than 600 IPRs, defined more than 50 national and industrial standards and shouldering 12 national research projects.


          4.Corporate Honors

          1) State-Accredited Enterprise Technology Center
          2) High-tech Enterprise
          3) Post-doctoral Research Station
          4) China Patent Starred Enterprise in Shandong
          5) 4A -class Standard Enterprise of Good Conduct
          6) National IPR Demonstration Company



          For more information of Europe R&D Center, please visit www.lovoleurope.com


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