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          Main Features

            LOVOL 1000 series engine for agriculture and construction machinery is a power platform specially developed for construction machinery and machinery for agriculture and forestry based on nearly one hundred years of professional technical experience of Europe and combining present advanced design concept of engine. Being widely used as supporting engine of fork lift truck, loader, hydraulic excavator, excavating loader, land leveling machine, well drill, concrete pump, air compressor set, combine harvester, tractor and agricultural machinery.
            ·World-class high safety design, exquisite technology, stronger work capacity.
            ·Long piston stroke, high intake efficiency, more continuous and stronger power output.
            ·High torque, big torque at low speed, fully improved start and accelerating function.
            ·Dedicated performance curves which is customized to satisfy different demands.
            ·Imported high quality parts which are reliable and wearproof with high operating efficiency and effectively reduce maintenance costs.
            ·Perfect service and spare parts support give customers one-stop, convenient and specialist service.

          Technical parameters

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          Main parameters

          Model 1006-6 Induction N
          Cylinder number 6 Bore*Stroke(mm) 100*127
          Displacement(L) 5.99 Rated power/speed(kw/rpm) 83/2300
          Max torque (N.m/r/min) 380/(1400-1600) Emission standard Tier2

          Service support

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