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          Main Features

          1. The head lamp,whose design concept derives from “flying wings”,adopts biological form design with built-in convex lens and LED lamp,which looks like a tercel that spreads its wings and outshines others with vigorous,powerful and ambitious features,to give customers wings to realize their dreams.
          2. The fore grid adopts open type style design of Chinese character “wang”,which is characterized by briefness,fluency and dynamism and fully shows the charisma, combined with a large three-dimensional LOGO,which shows more ambitious and demonstrates the king style.
          3. The raised V-shaped front wheel hood represents victory,which combined with the newly fore grid and vogue head lamp looks more harmonious and aesthetic.
          4. The high intake tube adopts high rotary filtration technology,which has good effect on air filtration, maximizes the engine capacity and achieves effective oil saving by 7% or more.
          5. The hydraulic system adopts high-precision processing technology and large emission injection technology,which reduces leakage loss, spill loss, throttle loss,friction loss, etc.,improves the transmission efficiency and shortens the lifting time.

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          loading capacity 1 ton
          Overall dimensions of vehicle (mm) 4187*1540*2120
          Overall dimensions of cargo (mm) 2500*1540*1350
          Rated power (hp) 16.4
          Displacement ( ml) 905
          curb weight( kg) 1100
          max speed(km/h) 50
          tire size (F/R) 6.00-14/7.50-16
          brake system Drum
          brake system move:foot brake;stop:hand brake
          Frame straight beam whole welding frame
          Rear axle hydraulic full floating
          dump equipment No
          color red/blue
          optional 3+1 mechanism semi axle/front tyre 5.50-16 rear tyre 6.00-16/7.00-16

          Product specifications

          Service support

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