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          Main Features

          ?-Powered by 3-cylinder direct injection diesel engine. TE series tractors range in power from 20HP to 30HP.4-cylinder engine is for option, whcih can provide power up to 35HP.

          -TE series can provide you a maximum ground clearance of 338mm and row space of 420mm. The reliable in-type differential lock enables the TE series with best passing performance.

          - New front axle is used on the four-wheel-drive model, which can provide you reliable steering performance in harsh and paddy environments through dual-action steering cylinder and great waterproofness. Meanwhile, it has a minimum turning radius of 3.3m to help you operate easily in small spaces.

          Technical parameters

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          Technical parameters

          Engine 4L22BT
          Rated Engine Power ISO TR14396-ECE R120(hp/kW) 35/25.7
          Type 3-cylinder, diesel
          8F+8R Collar Shift\8F+8R Synchro Shift optional
          8F+2R Collar Shift standard
          Speed Range(km/h) 8F+2R: Forward(1.72-26.02)/ Reverse(2.25-10.39) 8F+8R: Forward(1.71-25.76)/ Reverse(1.51-24)
          Type Dry disc, Mechanical
          Parking Brake Mechanical, Independent of main brakes, Hand lever operated
          Air Trailer Brake optional
          Type Position or Floating Control
          Hydraulic Flow (l/min) 24
          Lift Capacity at 610mm behind Hitch Point (kg) 640
          ROPS standard
          Full-view Cab optional
          Front Tires 7.5-16
          Rear Tires 12.4-24
          ROPS Weight(kg) 1535
          Cab Weight(kg) 1700
          L*W*H(mm) 3480*1515*2255

          Product specifications

          Service support

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